TOEFL - Vocabulary

词汇三维度 记 联想法: 谐音,拆分,图形联想 构词法: 拼缀,合成,词根词缀 用 考

Architecture Soft Skills Part 1

Software Architecture Fundamentals: Understanding the Basics

In this chapter, we’re going to be looking at some of the soft skills that an architect needs when becoming an architect from developer, that it’s a very ill-defined role. There are literally doze...

Machine Learning


机器学习 (Machine Learning) 监督学习 (Supervised Learning) 监督学习是利用训练数据集学习一个模型,再利用模型对测试样本集进行预测。 二分类模型: 预测出生小孩性别,输出结果只有两个维度 (男,女) 多分类模型: 预测出生小孩性别,输出结果有多个维度 (男,女,不男不女) 回归模型: 预测出生小孩性别概率,输出结果男的概率是多...

[MLS-C01] [Conclusion] Exam Day Tips

Arrive prepared and relaxed Use an outline of all of the material covered in this course Study the material continuously the week leading up to your exam date Toke practice...

[MLS-C01] [Conclusion] Course Summary

Summary of the course

Lifecycle Data Engineering Seven steps to prepare you data for use in a machine learning model Gather your data Handle missing data Feature extraction Decide which features are import...

[MLS-C01] [IMPL and OPs] Deploy and Operationalize

Deploy and operationalize machine learning solutions with lab

Lifecycle Create your data Gather, engineer, transform Produce your model Build model and evaluate it Execute (operationalize) your model ...

[MLS-C01] [IMPL and OPs] Security

Apply basic AWS security practices to machine learning solutions

SageMaker Instances Jupyter Notebook Your SageMaker infrastructure uses EC2 instances dedicated for your use Can map your SageMaker resources to VPC so you can use your network controls ...

[MLS-C01] [IMPL and OPs] Recommend and implement

Recommend and implement the appropriate machine learning services and features for a given problem

Appropriate services Select from several AWS Services to implement the appropriate Machine Learning solution for your business problem Lex Build conversational interfaces into your applic...

[MLS-C01] [IMPL and OPs] Build solutions

Build machine learning solutions for performance, availability, scalability, resiliency, and fault tolerance

Toolset SageMaker makes it simple to develop high quality models by enabling quick deployment at scale SageMaker provides the tools needed for machine learning in a single toolset that allo...

[MLS-C01] [IMPL and OPs] Introduction

Introduction of Machine Learning Implementation and Operations

Build solutions Performance To optimize the performance of your models, you can use Automatic Model Tuning to find the hyperparameters that will give you the optimal performance You can us...