01 - Introduction

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[MLS-C01] [Introduction] Welcome

-「Exam / AWS / MLS-C01 / Whizlabs / 01 - Introduction」

Welcome to the AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification Exam course

Available AWS Certifications Knowledge and Expertise High Level Sections Powerful Machine Learning Platform Take the Test with Confidence All Sections Covered Create data repos...

[MLS-C01] [Introduction] Course Outline

-「Exam / AWS / MLS-C01 / Whizlabs / 01 - Introduction」

Outline of the course

Outline Data Engineering Basic data engineering concepts and terminology Creating data repositories for machine learning Identifying and implementing data-ingestion and data-transformati...

[MLS-C01] [Introduction] Machine Learning Terminology

-「Exam / AWS / MLS-C01 / Whizlabs / 01 - Introduction」
Categories Data Engineering Data Analysis Modeling Algorithms Implementation and Operations Datasets Datasets: A collection of data used as the “fuel” for our machine learning ...

[MLS-C01] [Introduction] Course Focus

-「Exam / AWS / MLS-C01 / Whizlabs / 01 - Introduction」

Goals of the course

Machine learning foundational concepts and tools Common algorithms Data wrangling Jupyter notebooks Python development Key AWS services SageMake...

[MLS-C01] [Introduction] The exam

-「Exam / AWS / MLS-C01 / Whizlabs / 01 - Introduction」
Basic Structure Released as a beta exam in November, 2018 March, 2019 first version of exam released for general public $300 to take the exam 3 hours to complete approximately 65 question...