[MLS-C01] [Data Engineering] AWS Migration services

Posted by Oscaner on May 15, 2022

  • Migrate data from source to machine learning repository
  • Several AWS services to help move data
    • Amazon Data Pipeline
    • AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)
    • AWS Glue
    • Amazon SageMaker
    • Amazon Athena

Amazon Data Pipeline

  • Copy data using Pipeline Activities
  • Schedule regular data movement and data processing activities
  • Integrates with on-premise and cloud-based storage systems
  • Use your data where you want it and in the format you choose


  • Move data between databases
    • MySQL to MySQL
    • Aurora to DynamoDB

AWS Glue

  • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)
    • Determine data type and schema
  • Can run your data engineering algorithms
    • Feature Selection
    • Data Cleansing
  • Can run on demand, on a schedule, or on events

Amazon SageMaker

  • Use jupyter notebooks
    • Scikit-Learn
    • Pandas

Amazon Athena

  • Run SQL queries on S3 data
  • Needs a data catalog such as the one created by Glue
  • SQL transform your data in preparation for use in ML models

Use Cases

  1. Move data to S3 for your machine learning model
    • Move data from EMR cluster: Amazon Data Pipeline
    • Move data from DynamoDB: AWS Glue
    • Move data from Redshift: Amazon Data Pipeline, AWS Glue
    • Move data from on-prem database: Database Migration Services

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