[MLS-C01] [Exploratory Data Analysis] Kinesis Video Streams

Posted by Oscaner on June 21, 2022

  • Automatically provisions and scales infrastructure to read streaming media
  • Producers such as web cams, security cameras, audio feeds, images
    • Securely stream video using the Kinesis Video Streams SDK
  • Storage
    • Kinesis Video Streams ingests the stream data, stores, encrypts, and indexes the stream for either real-time or batch analytics
  • Consumers
    • Real-time or batch machine learning applications
    • Video processing or playback services

In Machine Learning

  • Facial recognition
    • Facial analytics using machine learning services and algorithms such as the SageMaker built-in )image Classification algorithm or the Rekognition service
  • Object detection
    • Object identification algorithm to detect when certain objects appear in the stream
  • Computer vision and video analytics using machine learning frameworks such as Apache MxNet, TensorFlow, and OpenCV
  • Smart home/city applications
    • Home surveillance, Red light cams
  • Industrial automation
    • Predictive maintenance using MxNet, TensorFlow, and OpenCV

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