[MLS-C01] [Algorithms] Clustering Algorithms

Posted by Oscaner on July 18, 2022


  • Unsupervised learning algorithm
  • Attempts to find discrete groupings within data, where members of a group are as similar as possible to one another and as different as possible from members of other groups
  • Define the attributes that you want the algorithm to use to determine similarity

Use Cases

  1. Delivery source location
  2. Identifying crime centers
  3. Customer segmentation
  4. Fraud detection based on clusters of fraud patterns
  5. Cyber-profiling criminals
  6. Clustering of IT alerts
  7. Call center recording analysis

SageMaker Algorithms


  • Expects tabular data, where rows represent the observations that you want to cluster, and the columns represent attributes of the observations
  • n attributes in each row represent a point in n-dimensional space
  • Euclidean distance between these points represents the similarity of the corresponding observations
  • Groups observations with similar attribute values (the points corresponding to these observations are closer together)
  • Example use case: using census data find clusters of populations in counties across the US to focus political activity


  1. Clustering Lab.ipynb
  2. Absenteeism_at_work.csv

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