[MLS-C01] [Algorithms] Reinforcement Learning Algorithms

Posted by Oscaner on August 7, 2022


  • Machine learning technique which learns a strategy, called a policy, that optimizes an objective for an agent acting in an environment
  • Agent performs an action, checks the state of the environment, and gets rewarded based on the resulting state of the environment
  • Attempts to achieve the goal of maximizing the long-term reward that the agent receives resulting from its actions
  • Good for solving problems where you want your model to make independent decisions.
  • Markov Decision Process (MDP)
    • Based on Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) models
    • Works through a sequence of time steps with each step containing the following
      • Environment: operating space of the RL model
      • State: complete information describing the environment and relevant past steps
      • Action: agent’s activity
      • Reward: number that reflects the state resulting from the last action
      • Observation: data about the state of the environment available at each step

Use Cases

  1. Robotics
  2. Traffic light control
  3. Predictive auto scaling
  4. Tuning parameters of a web system
  5. Optimizing chemical reactions
  6. Personalized recommendations
  7. Gaming
  8. Deep learning: “see an environment” and learn how to interact with it

SageMaker Algorithms

Deep Learning Framework

  • Reinforcement Learning in TensorFlow and Apache MXNet
    • Uses a Reinforcement Learning toolkit
      • Manage the agents interaction with the environment
      • SageMaker supports Intel Coach and Ray RLlib toolkits
    • Uses an environment
      • Custom environment
      • Open source environments: EnergyPlus, RoboSchool
      • Commercial environments: MATLAB, Simulink
  • Important Hyperparameters
    1. learning_rate: how fast the model learns
    2. discount_factor: take action with short-term or long-term rewards
    3. entropy: degree of uncertainty; exploit what’s already known versus thorough exploration of the environment

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