[MLS-C01] [IMPL and OPs] Introduction

Introduction of Machine Learning Implementation and Operations

Posted by Oscaner on August 7, 2022

Build solutions


  • To optimize the performance of your models, you can use Automatic Model Tuning to find the hyperparameters that will give you the optimal performance
  • You can use SageMaker hosting to automatically scale your model to the performance needed for your model


  • SageMaker hosting allows you to configure your endpoints to elastically scale your endpoint instances
  • Use two or more endpoint instances in different availability zones to make your endpoints highly available


  • SageMaker hosting automatically scales your endpoint instances to the performance needed for your application through Application Auto Scaling
  • You can manually adjust the number of instances and the instance type without suffering downtime by modifying your endpoint configuration
  • SageMaker scales to large numbers of transactions per second. The actual scale depends on your deployed model and the number and type of instances your model endpoints run on

Resiliency and Fault Tolerance

  • SageMaker automatic scaling endpoint instances scale out and automatically spread instances across multiple availability zones
  • This gives you availability zone level fault tolerance and protects from an individual instance failure

Recommend Appropriate ML Services

  • Select from several AWS Services to implement the appropriate Machine Learning solution for your business problem


  • SageMaker model artifacts and other system artifacts are encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Requests to your endpoint API and can be mode over a secure (SSL) connection
  • Assign IAM roles to your model instance to provide permission to access resources on your behalf for deployment
  • Use encrypted S3 buckets for model artifacts and data
  • Pass a KMS key to your endpoints to encrypt their attached ML storage volume

Deploy/Operationalize the Model

  • Clients send HTTPS requests to your endpoint to obtain inferences
  • Can deploy multiple variants of a model to the same HTTPS endpoint (test variations of your model in production)
  • Can also configure a production variant to achieve auto scaling
  • You can modify your endpoints without suffering downtime by modifying your endpoint configuration

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